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Women's Studies

Mercy High School’s Women’s Studies Program is an interdisciplinary study intended to educate students on the social roles and cultural issues affecting women through the lens of history, literature, psychology, and politics. In exploring the challenges that women have overcome and those they continue to face today, girls learn to find voice in issues that relate to them. In knowing women’s achievements throughout history, girls develop a greater sense of what is possible in a world that has traditionally been dominated by men. Through the unique lens of women’s studies, girls gain confidence in issues that continue to affect them and their futures.



Relation to Girls' Education

Around the world women face inequalities that threaten their lives, health, and rights. As an all-girls school it is our responsibility to educate young women on the issues affecting their current lives and futures.

Relevance to Today’s World

Family structure, education, legislation, religion, and cultural differences impact women around the world on a daily basis. Everyday there are new stories and news articles highlighting the importance of knowing issues that impact women and honoring those strong women who paved the way before us.


Program Requirements

Course Requirements

  • Contemporary World Issues

  • 4 Years History

  • 4 Years English

  • AP Psychology

Additional Requirements

  • Women’s Studies Workshops

  • Attendance at Speaker Series 

  • Mercy Mentorship

  • Women’s Studies Capstone Project

Sample Courses & Workshops

  • Contemporary World Issues

  • Women in History

  • Women in Literature

  • Women as Agents of Change
  • Women, Work, and Family
  • AP Psychology
  • Global Feminism

Sample Careers

  • Lawyer 

  • College professor

  • Health Clinic Coordinator

  • Social Worker

  • Human Rights Advocate

  • Journalist