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Leadership Development and Education

Mercy High School’s Leadership Development and Education Program supports Mercy students in gaining practical experience in critical areas of leadership. Students will gain leadership experience and education that will in turn support the development of their authentic voices and leadership styles.


Relation to Girls' Education

Women remain grossly underrepresented in leadership positions worldwide. Though women represent 54.3% of the US workforce, they only hold 35% of senior leadership positions.

  •  8% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs

  •  4% of CEOs who have founded and led a company through to an IP on NYSE are women 

  • Women make up 27% of the United States Congress

The LEAD Pathways Program will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate external barriers and to attain leadership roles. Students will reflect on their personal leadership styles as they gain confidence and self-esteem. The program will offer our young women a solid framework of theoretical knowledge in the principles of leadership and practical skills that will amplify their leadership potential. In addition, students will be able to gain insight into their core values and leadership potentials while advancing their personal and professional development.

Relevance to Today’s World

Women’s leadership is impactful and affirmed through research time and again.

Women are needed in leadership roles as they bring powerful experiences and opinions to all they do.

Overview of Program Requirements

  • Completion of 50 hours of leadership development and involvement

    • Leadership Development Training/Modules - 20 hours (10 hours per semester) 

    • Organizational/Group Leadership - 20 hours (10 hours per semester)

    • Program Meetings and Culmination - 10 hours

  • Program participants are required to practice action-oriented leadership within an organization, club, team, or faith-based group as part of the Leadership Education and Development Pathways Program

  • Attendance at Pathways Speakers Series

  • Maintain a meaningful relationship with Pathways mentor

  • Completion of Capstone Culmination Project

Sample of Leadership Development Modules Offered

  • Mercy Leadership - Required

  • Christian/Servant Leadership - Required

  • Why We Have so Few Women Leaders

  • The Science of Women’s Leadership

  • Building up the Women Around You

  • The Importance of Mentorship - How to Find One

  • Silencing Self-Doubt

  • Intentional Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Managing Priorities/Resources/Time

  • Allyship - Creating Inclusive Teams

  • Presenting with Impact

  • Communicating Across Cultures

  • The Value of Social Capital and How to Create It

  • Fiscal Leadership

  • Utilizing Attribute Inventories for Personal Development

  • Non-Positional Leadership - Cultivating Leadership from the Middle

  • Meeting Management - Agendas and Facilitation

  • The Value of Self-Reflection

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • Harnessing Social Media for Change

  • Battling Negativity in Organizations/Participants