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Mercy Introduces Pathways Program

The Pathways Program is designed to encourage girls to explore various pathways that they are passionate about. Each Pathway is uniquely developed to engage students through curriculum, leadership, co-curricular activities, capstone projects, and mentorship opportunities. Pathways are intended to support young women who want to dive deeply into various fields of study traditionally dominated and influenced by men. For far too long, women have been underrepresented in many fields of study, particularly STEM and engineering. 

Mercy changes that narrative by offering multiple opportunities for students to engage hands-on with curriculum through problem-based thinking and in an environment that is safe to take risks in. As a result, young women thrive as they are transformed through the process of knowing and challenging themselves. The Pathways Program inspires Mercy students to see themselves as leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

Mercy Pathways Program

Consider applying for one of our Pathways fields of study:

  • Biotechnology

  • Creative Arts and Design

  • Engineering

  • Leadership Education and Development 

  • Global Scholars

  • Women’s Studies

*Curriculum details will be released in October 2022.