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Mercy Introduces Pathways Program

The Pathways Program, established in 2022, is designed to encourage girls to explore various pathways that they are passionate about. Each Pathway is uniquely developed to engage students through curriculum, leadership, co-curricular activities, capstone projects, and mentorship opportunities. Pathways are intended to support young women who want to dive deeply into various fields of study traditionally dominated and influenced by men. For far too long, women have been underrepresented in many fields of study—particularly STEM and engineering. 

Mercy changes that narrative by offering multiple opportunities for students to engage hands-on with curriculum through problem-based thinking and in an environment that is safe to take risks in. As a result, young women thrive as they are transformed through the process of knowing and challenging themselves. The Pathways Program inspires Mercy students to see themselves as leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

Mercy Pathways Program

Consider applying for one of our Pathways fields of study:

Women Supporting Women: Mercy Mentorship Program - “Mentorship plays a critical role in female advancement in the workplace.”

Research shows that mentorship by women and for women is critical to growth and learning.

  • Employees with mentors are promoted five times more often than their non-mentored peers.

  • 87 percent of employees with mentors or that mentor others feel empowered by their relationships and attribute greater confidence to the experience.

  • In one study, retention and promotion rates for women participating in mentoring programs increased from 15 percent to 38 percent.

Mentorship is often cited as a key strategy that helps to close the gender gap, especially in careers dominated by men, yet researchers at DDI World found that only 37 percent of women have had a mentor in their careers. Additionally, only 56 percent of companies have formal mentoring programs. 

Knowing that female mentors can significantly impact another woman's life, all Pathway students will be partnered with a mentor who is an alumnae or local community member within their chosen field of study. The mentoring program is designed to offer Mercy students the opportunity to learn first-hand about a career of interest, to gain guidance on how to achieve it, to be supported in their career-specific skills and leadership development, and to see first-hand representation. Through regular check-ins, mentors will help to introduce Mercy students to the workplace, support their networking in the Bay Area, and encourage them to pursue their interests. 

At Mercy, students leave knowing they have already begun the networking process that is crucial to their career success. With advocates in the classroom and within the community, Mercy students gain confidence and practical experience that will carry them into their young adult lives.