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MOMAs (Mothers of Mercy Alums)

Welcome Moms of Mercy Alumnae!

We invite all Mercy alumnae moms, no matter what year your daughter graduated, to stay connected not only to Mercy, but to the many moms you made friends with while your daughter(s) attended Mercy. MOMA invites you to remain connected in whatever degree you are able or desire. We welcome your attendance at any spiritual evenings of reflection, at all of our school fundraisers, to volunteer in the Advancement office or to attend any MOMA event.

Please consider joining other alumnae moms in continuing the Mercy friendships you formed and nourished here. You are also our Ambassadors in the broader community. We want to be sure you feel connected to Mercy and welcome your input. We look forward to seeing you and continuing the tradition of sharing the gift that is Mercy High School. Spread the word to the other alumnae moms you know. Often we don’t have a current email address for some of our alumnae moms and we want everyone to know they are welcome and included.

For more information on MOMA , or to get involved at Mercy, please contact Mary Lund at or 650-762-1191