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Parent Giving | The Mercy Annual Fund


Your generosity to the 2023-2024 Mercy Annual Fund plays a vital role in furthering our mission of nurturing compassionate and critical-thinking young women, instilled with faith, and equipped with the courage needed to bring dignity and respect to our world.

Your meaningful contributions and active participation enable us to reach our 2023-2024 Mercy Annual Fund goal, and we sincerely thank you for making a significant impact!

The Mercy Annual Fund touches each student's experience, enhancing academic innovation, artistic endeavors, athletic programs, well-being, and counseling services, community initiatives, and exceptional faculty support.  Every gift makes a difference in the lives of our students this school year.  Our goal is 100% parent participation with a gift of any amount.

Circle of Mercy: By giving $2,000 or more annually you will be a member of the Circle of Mercy and invited to an annual celebration with the Board of Directors and Head of School in December.

The Mercy Annual Fund - Parent Giving FY 24

The Mercy Annual Fund
Parent Leadership Council 2023-24

Class of ‘24
Fady and Susie Khoury, P '24
Evan S. McCulloch, P '24, '26
Rebecca Galler and Clark Morrison, P '24
Suzanne and Peter Tzifas, P '24

Class of ‘25
Rachel and Dawson Crawford, P '25
Christine and Phillip Engstrom, P '25
Kim and Brian Manca, P '25
Martha Phillips and Al Taira, M.D., P '25
Claire and Warren Woo, P '25

Class of ‘26
Maggie and Andrew Demkin, P '26
Kent and Kelly Kockos, P '26
Jason and April Lasky, P '26
Susan Lam and Norman Lee, P '26
Maren and Juergen Lindner, P '26
John and Janette McAfee, P '26
Evan S. McCulloch, P '24, '26
Jeff and Jessica Thomas, P '26
Patrick Weston and Astrid Usong, P '26
Maria and Peter Webb, P '26
Sarah and Karl Wiley, P '26
Daizie and Delvin Yuk, P '26

Class of ‘27
Christopher and Johanna Buckels, P '27
Jackie and Sanjay Devgan, P '27
Nathan and Sarah Guz, P '27
Thays and Paulo Klein, P '27
Valerie and Orlando Montalvo, P 27
Hamta and Matt Podesta, P '27
Carolyn and Marc Quilici, P' 27
Donald Kong and Polly Tam, P '27
Andrea Lessani-Willits and Chris Willits, P '27

Giving Levels
Catherine McAuley Society $25,000+
Mother Baptist Russell Society $10,000+
The 1931 Society $5,000+
Blue and White Society $2,500+
Head of School Circle $2,000-+
Oaks Circle $1,000+
Blue Circle $500+
White Circle $250+
Friends of Mercy (up to $249)

*By giving $2,000+ annually you will become a member of the Circle of Mercy and be invited to an annual celebration hosted by the Board of Directors and Head of School in December.

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