“Mercy’s Got Talent”
Students Supporting Students

This year marks Mercy High School's 26th student-led fundraiser!

So much of the Mercy student experience is grounded by the value of sisterhood and the sense of community. The tradition of students supporting students instills purpose and prepares young women to lead with compassion and strive for excellence. Thus translates into an opportunity for students to learn entrepreneurship and develop a culture of philanthropy. 

For more than a quarter of a century, the student fundraiser, Mercy-A-Thon, has been one of the highlights of Mercy Week, led by Mercy Student Body Officers. Mercy-A-Thon 2020 is a 5-week (Sept. 4th - Oct. 7th) crowdfunding campaign, held primarily online, with a student virtual celebration day on September 23rd showcasing student talent and school spirit. 

The student fundraiser equitably supports every student and program, including Academics, Student Life programs, Athletics, and Campus Ministry, at Mercy High School for the current school year. 

This year, our goal is to collectively raise $80,000. 

For the fifth straight year Mercy has partnered with eTeamSponsor to administer and support the Mercy-A-Thon fundraising efforts–online! eTeamSponsor is an innovative software platform that enables schools, foundations and nonprofits to raise funds safely and effectively.  

The student fundraiser equitably supports every student and program at Mercy for the current school year.  

Historically, the student fundraiser, Mercy-A-Thon has helped fund various projects including:

•  Yearbooks (no costs to students)
•  New water bottle filling stations on campus
•  Freshman and Sophomore Retreats 
•  Renovation of the Cafeteria
•  3-D Printers and “Tinker Space” in the Library
•  Technology upgrades

Student eTeam Participant Instructions

eTeam Overview for Parents & Guardians

Mercy-A-Thon Cash Check Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Student & Advisory Prizes and Incentives

Individual  Student Prizes

The top 3 students who raises the most amount of Money by October 7th.

1st Prize: $300 gift card
2nd Prize: $ 200 gift card
3rd Prize: $100 gift card 

*The student who has the highest number of donors by October 7th receives a $100 gift card

ALL students who raise $200 or more by Oct. 7th will receive: Mercy pajama pants!

Weekly Individual Student Prizes & Incentives
All students who raise $75 by sept 11th will be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift card
All students who raise $150 by September 18th will be entered into drawing for a $50 gift card
All students who raise $200 by September 23rd will be entered into a drawing for a $75 gift card
All  students who raise $300 By October 2nd will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.

Advisory Prizes

The Advisory the raises the highest amount of money  will receive special Mercy gear: Specialized Custom Mercy sweatshirts for their Advisory 

The Advisory that wins the overall Mercy’s Got Talent competition wins special Mercy gear: Specialized Custom Mercy sweatshirts for their Advisory

Weekly Advisory Prizes & Incentives 

The first Advisory to have 100% of students who have successfully created their individual eteam account with at least 5 qualified donor names entered  by September 7th will each receive Mercy Smartphone speaker.

Any Advisory with 100% of students successfully signed Participation with a minimum of at least $25 raised per student by September 11th receives 5 Bonus points for their Advisory going into Mercy’s Got Talent  competition and a Mercy Water Bottle.

Any Advisory who has raised $1000 or more by September 18th receives 15 Bonus points going into Mercy’s Got Talent Day competition and $10 DoorDash Gift Card for each student in their Advisory.

Students will receive instructions on how to create and log into their eTeamSponsor campaign *If a student has a planned absence on this date please contact Jennifer Munsey for assistance with campaign login.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Munsey.

Key Dates

September 2
Students will receive Mercy-A-Thon information and eTeamSponsor setup
and login instructions

September 4
Mercy-A-Thon Advisory Kickoff
day led by Mercy SBOs  

September 23
Celebration Day - Mercy-A-Thon
“Mercy’s Got Talent”

October 7
Last day to submit donations to count for Student and Advisory incentives.

SBO Greeting: Students Supporting Students

Mercy-A-Thon Kickoff Led by Mercy SBOs