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2016 Event

The 2016 Making A Difference Scholarship was a huge success! Please enjoy the videos shown from the night of the event.

It is not to late to Make A Difference - please click HERE to make your gift today!

Making A Difference 2016 Video - please click on the photo below to view this video.

Please click the photo below to hear Student Speaker Odalis Castellanos '16 Speech for Making A Difference 2016.

Please click on the photo below to hear Keynote Speaker Gina Rosaia Collins '99 speech for Making A Difference 2016.

Please click on the photo below to hear Part 2 of Gina's Speech

Making A Difference 2022


Honorary  & Steering Committees

Honorary Committee 

 Amy Bayley, RSM '68
Kelli and Peter Benz, P '11, '12
Inger and Norbert Bischofberger P'11
David and Karen Castagna, P' 23
David and Maria Collins, P'15
James and Gina Rosaia Collins '99
Chris and Mary Denten, P '23
Rosann Fraher, RSM, MSF '60
Chip and Janelle Gale, P '24
Bob Grassilli
William and Emilia Kibblewhite, P '15, '17
Matt  and Mary Schaffer Kircher '78
Jerry and Kathy Lautze Krause '68 
Fr. Michael Mahoney, O.F.M. Cap. OLA
Brian and Kim Manca, P '25
Andrea Metkus, M.D., P '23
Scott and Martha Ann Milliken, P '16
Andrea Metkus, M.D., P '23
Robert and Jacqueline O’Donnell P '90, '97
Mark and Mary Anne Payne P '22
Mario and Kathy Lacunza Pompili '78, P '12
Andrew and Clare Pool Purpura '75 
Meghan Chavez Railey '04 
Caroline and Charlie Romeo, P '14
Mary Janet Rozzano, RSM, MSF '56
Fr. John Ryan, St. Catherine of Siena 
Martha Phillips and Al Taira, M.D., P '25
Aileen Whelan, M.D.,'76
Claire and Warren Woo, P '25

Steering Committee

Kelli Benz, P '11, '12, GP '24
Natalie Cirigliano Brosnan '02, Ed.D
Carol Fraher
Mary Schaffer Kircher '78
Jamie Jweinat Lechleitner '02
Mary Lund, P '06, '08
Caroline Romeo, P' 14
Cathy Dunleavy Rosaia '72, P '99
Vashti R. Sinigayan '99, MPA

Board of Directors - Underwriters

Penny Stack Alexander '78, Chair
Kelli Benz, P '11, '12
Greg Dannis '09
Bob Grassilli
Una Kinsella '83
Mary Schaffer Kircher '78

Jaime Jweinat Lechleitner '02
Joe Nezwek, MBA, P '14
Sister Joan Marie O'Donnell, RSM, MSF '59
Caroline M. Romeo, P '14
Patrick Ruff
Vashti R. Sinigayan '99, MPA
Michele O'Connor Tyler '68, P '97, '00
Randolph W.Y. Wong, M.D., P 12

as of 4.27.22

$25,000+ Catherine McAuley
The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation

$10,000+ Platinum
Inger and Norbert Bischofberger P '11
Koch Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Jacqueline O'Donnell P '90, '97

$5,000+ Gold
Nada Barulich

The Mervyn Brenner Foundation of San Francisco
David and Karen Castagna, P '23
Eldris and Renee Estevez, P '22
Chip and Janelle Gale, P '24
Edward C. Goodstein & Francesca Eastman
Mercy High School Alumnae Association
Andrea Metkus, M.D., P '23
Caroline and Charlie Romeo, P '14
Frank Romeo
Cathy Dunleavy Rosaia '72 and Wayne Rosaia, P '99
Stephen and Theresa Barulich Rutledge
Sandi Stoppoloni, GP '14, '15, '22

Edward Watson, P '90

$2,500+ Silver
Penny Stack Alexander '78 and Matt Alexander
OPTAS Capital
Meghan Chavez Railey '04 and Joey Railey
Sister Janet Ruffing, RSM,  Ph.D., '63
Junipero Serra High School 
Silicon Valley Bank 
Linda Stoick, P '23
Claire and Warren Woo, P '25

$1,500+ Presidential
James and Lynn O'Halloran Akeyson '75, P '22
Kelli and Peter Benz, P '11 '12
Natalie Cirigliano Brosnan '02 and Neil Brosnan
David and Maria Collins, P '15
James and Gina Rosaia Collins '99
Chris and Mary Denten, P '23
Robert Grassilli
William and Emilia Kibblewhite, P '15, '17 
Una Kinsella '83
Matt Kircher and Mary Schaffer Kircher '78
Kathy Lautze Krause '68 and Jerry Krause
Kathleen Lama '87
Jamie Jweinat Lechleitner '02 and Ricky Lechleitner
Brian and Kim Manca, P '25
Scott and Martha Ann Milliken, P '16
Jane Cavagnaro '78 and Joseph Nezwek, P'14
Mark and Mary Anne Payne, P '22
Kathy Lacunza Pompili '78 and Mario Pompili, P '12
Joanne Hickey Prolo '60 and Don Prolo, M.D.
Clare Pool Purpura '75 and Andrew Purpura
Christina G. Romeo '14
Vashti R. Sinigayan '99, MPA
Martha Phillips and Al Taira, M.D., P '25
Aileen Whelan, M.D. '76
Melinda and Randolph Wong, M.D., P '12

$1,000+ Bronze
Valerie Armento '69
Josephine Dentoni
Dino and Gabriella Bonalanza DeRanieri '59, GP '20, '23
Christine Dentoni Engstrom '89
Sr. Jean Evans, RSM, MSF '64
A.J. and Mary Lou Bisagno Flocchini '52
Margot Fourie Giusti '70
Mary Lou Brignolo Harris '56
Patricia McAdoo '65
Mercy Education System of the Americas (MESA)
Susan LePine Morro '59

$600+ Blue and White Sponsor
Alexander and Angela Infusino Button '02
Sister Bernadette Hart, RSM '60 In Memory of Liz Hart '61
Gregory and Betsy Hart, P '21
Joseph and Lisa Larratt, P '14, '15, 22
Mary and Lars Lund, P '06, '08
Richard and Kathy Houle Maddox '72
Michael and Sarah Murphy, P '18
Claire Reitmann-Grout '04
Michele O'Connor Tyler '68, 
P '97, '00
Richard and Gina DeRanieri Wiebe '84

$300+ Crusader
Richard and Erin McHale Armusewicz '81
Miracle Balsitis and Dr. Scott Balsitis, P '25
Betty Battaglia
Mary Bollier Carp '77
Dr. Patricia Bradley and Dr. Charles Bradley, P '11,'14, '17
Douglas and Mary Ann Lovi Button '72
George Caughman, P '92
Shirley Cauterucio
Thomas and Mary Jo Dungan Compton '64
Marcia Crockett
Kristy Furrer Crouch '82
DFM Construction - Daniel and Noreen Brosnan Murphy '72
Jack and Marie Fitzpatrick, GP '14
Patricia Flanagan '65, P' 96
Christine and Mike Folan
Carol & John Fraher
Antonio Galletto, M.D., P '78, '80, '83, '87
Carol Cafferkey Gaul '85, P '12 

Gregory and Patricia Hagey, P '11
Karen Hook
Dennis Irving
Richard Jobst, In Memory of Catherine Jobst, '60
Alexander and Sandra Justman, P '17

William and Catherine Mariani, P'12
Melissa Larrarte Mastrangelo '10
Noreen Brosnan Murphy '72
Brandy Martinez Navarro '98 and Daniel Navarro
Joanne O'Brien '61
Patricia O'Leary '73
Bill and Lorraine Welch Paul '68
 Esteban Perez
Patrick and Kerri Ann Ruff
Woodruff Sawyer

Kirsten Strobel '96
Brianna Leary Tremblay '02
Melanie Albano Valdez '89
Hazel Walton '63
Mary Patricia Whelan-Miille '71
Hazel Stergar Walton '63

Dennis and Maria Ricci White '63
James and Lorraine Whitley, P '24