Making A Difference Scholarship Benefit

Making a Difference Scholarship Benefit

Thank you to everyone who has supported Making A Difference! 

As of June 15th, we have raised $396,457!  Let's get to $400,000! 

We are so grateful for your generosity!

Mercy’s Annual Benefit for Student Tuition Assistance  

Goal:  To raise $300,000+ and to have 300+ attendees at our virtual event!  

The Making A Difference Scholarship Benefit has unlocked the opportunity of a Mercy education for hundreds of Mercy girls and families over the past 17 years. Mercy provides an equitable and inclusive environment where each student can learn, grow, and thrive, preparing them for college and future career success.  

In alignment with our mission of providing an all-girls Catholic college preparatory education, tuition assistance ensures that Mercy is accessible to all aspiring young women of diverse religious, cultural, social and economic backgrounds.  

We are grateful to our Board of Directors for underwriting this event so that every dollar donated to Making A Difference directly supports a Mercy student on tuition assistance. 

Why support students through tuition assistance? 

  • Mercy tuition for 2020-21 is $24,155.  
  • 45% of Mercy's 419 students receive need-based financial aid ranging from $2,500 to $18,500 during this school year; these students would not be able to attend Mercy without financial assistance.  Mercy students re-apply for aid annually.
  • Making A Difference makes up 15% of the financial aid budget; each gift is matched by 85% of other funding in order to make the most impact and help the greatest number of students.
  • Mercy partners with foundations, corporations and nonprofits in order to support very low income families.
  • The generosity of our alumnae, alumnae parents, families and friends is deeply appreciated.

Our Impact 

  • Mercy awarded nearly $2 million in financial support in FY 21.
  • Making A Difference has raised and awarded $3,045,000 in aid since its inception in 2004.

The generosity of our alumnae, alumnae parents, families and friends is deeply appreciated.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite you to partner with us this year as a Making A Difference sponsor. To make your contribution online, please click below.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • $25,000+ Catherine McAuley
    Provides a $5,000 award to five students
    $10,000+ Platinum
    Provides a $2,000 award to five students
     $5,000+ Gold
    Provides a $1,000 award to five students
     $2,500+ Silver 
    Provides a $500 award to five students
    $1,500+ Presidential
    Provides a $500 award to three students

    $1,000+ Bronze 
    $600+ Blue & White 
    $300+ Crusader 
    $150+ Friend of Mercy

Donations of all amounts are deeply appreciated

Click Here to Make Your Gift 


Gifts as of 5/3/2021

For additional information, please contact Mary Lund, Director of Advancement
at 650-762-1190 or
Mercy's Tax I.D.. #94-1230999 


Mercy High School Board of Directors

Penny Stack Alexander '78

Kelli Benz, P '11, '12, GP '24

Greg Dannis P '09

Emily Gonzalez-Jauregui '15

Bob Grassilli

Una Kinsella '83

Mary Schaffer Kircher '78

Jamie Jweinat Lechleitner '02

Joe Nezwek, MBA, P '14

 Joan Marie O'Donnell, RSM, MSF '59

Caroline Romeo, P '14

Patrick Ruff

Vashti R. Sinigayan '99, MPA

Michele O'Connor Tyler '68, P '97, '00

Randy Wong, M.D., P '12


$25,000+ Catherine McAuley 

Bengier Foundation

Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert Foundation

Robert Stewart Odell and Helen Pfeiffer Odell Fund

 $10,000+ Platinum 


Norbert and Inger Bischofberger, P '11

Koch Foundation

Andrea Metkus, M.D., P' 23

Linda Stoick, P '23

John and Juliette Torrey


$5,000+ Gold 

Matthew and Penny Stack Alexander '78

Peter and Kelli Benz, P '11, '12, GP '24

Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation

The Drum Foundation

Ray & Janelle Gale P' 24

Mercy High School Alumnae Association

Michael & Susana Pearl, P' 24

Wayne and Cathy Dunleavy Rosaia '72, P '99


$2,500+ Silver 


Boston Private

William and Emilia Kibblewhite, P '15, '17

Rick and Jamie Jweinat Lechleitner '02

Mary Anne and Mark Payne, P '22

Andrew and Clare Pool Purpura '75

Charlie and Caroline Romeo, P '14

Connie Romeo

Sr. Janet Ruffing, RSM '63

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, West Midwest Community

Sandra Stoppoloni, GP '14, '15, '22

Austin & Lauren Williams, P' 22


$1,500+ Presidential 


James and Lynn O'Halloran Akeyson '75, P '22

Boston Private Bank

Natalie Cirigliano Brosnan '02, Ed.D. and Neil Brosnan

Douglas & Maryann Lovi Button '72

Elizabeth F. Caserza '77

Joseph Nezwek and Jane Cavagnaro '78, P'14

James and Gina Rosaia Collins '99

David and Maria Collins, P '15

Kirk Demlinger

Bart and Carol Cafferkey Gaul '85, P '12

Lance and Patricia Gimble, P' 16

Richard and Catherine Casey Grabinski '86

Bob Grassilli

Patrick and Jane Hitchcock, P '12

David and Janet Andrews Howes, D.D. S., '70

Matthew and Mary Schaffer Kircher '78

Jerry and Kathy Lautze Krause '68

Scott and Martha Ann Milliken, P '16

Michael and Sarah Murphy, P'18

Daniel and Brandy Martinez Navarro '98

Mario and Katherine Lacunza Pompili '78, P' 12

Joey and Meghan Chavez Railey, '04

Junipero Serra High School

Vashti R. Sinigayan, MPA '99

Aileen Whelan, M.D. '76

Melinda and Randy Wong, M.D., P'12


$1,000+ Bronze 

Rita Arnold '75
Harry and Irene Garibaldi Aubright '46

Casey and Benjamin Sternsmith '99

Madeline Ostertag Bucher '84

Carla Lovi Brosnan '68

Mary Louise Castillo

Martha and Greg Dannis, P '09

Christian and Jacqueline Legoretta Erdman '75

Mary Lou Bisagno Flocchini '52

George and Margot Fourie Giusti '70

Catherine Casey Grabinski '86

Karen and David Hooper, Jr., P' 10

Alexander and Sandra Justman, P' 17

Mercy Education System of the Americas

Susan Morro '59

Robert and Jackie O'Donnell, P' 90, '97

Frank Romeo

Thomas and Tess Stern Salter '02

Amare Silva' 11

Eldon Thiesen

Patrick and Katharine Olson Tobin '99


$600+ Blue & White 

Pat and Chuck Bradley, P '11, '14, '17

Richard and Melanie Meisel Cirigliano '73, P '99, '02

Pat Flanagan '65, P '96

Claire Reitmann-Grout '04

Mark Schack and Jennifer Lambdin, P' 11

Scott and Susanne Lindley, P' 24

Mary and Lars Lund, P '06, '08

William and Catherine Mariani, P '12

Jeff and Kathy Mountain

Joanne F. O'Brien '61

Christina Romeo '14

Stephen and Theresa Rutledge

Douglas and Beverly Takizawa, P' 13

Carl and Michele O'Conner Tyler '68, P '97, '00


$300+ Crusader

John & Melinda Adams, P' 20

Sandy Albers

Angela Gatto Alvarez '81


Tigran and Carmen Kestekyan Antonian '06

Mary Bolier Carp '77

Maureen Boland '66

Shirley Cauterucio

Mary Jo Dungan Comptom '64

Lora A. Connolly '70

Marcia Crockett

Kevin Domecus and Laura Brucken, P'16

FACTS Business Solutions for Education

John and Carol Fraher

Maria Galletto '78, P' 08

Phaidra Garcia '88, P' 20

Eugenia Dubosi Hovland '59

Lynette Hovland '81

Dennis Irving

Richard Jobst

Everett and Rana Jones, P' 21

Daniel and Marsha Zanetti Kane '67

Patrick Kinsella

Patricia McAdoo '65

Kevin & Patricia O'Connor, P' 22

Kathleen O'Meara '58

Patricia Schultz Rawert '60

Lynne Rosaia '69

Giulio & Lorraine Mozzini Sbragia '60

Robert & Patricia Siegel Schmolze '68

Mary J. Wertz Schymeinsky '59

Varian Medical Systems

Hazel Stergar Walton '63

Andrew & Meave Fallon Ward '90

Gina DeRanieri Wiebe '84

Thomas Wootten

Honorary  & Steering Committees

Honorary Committee 

Amy Bayley, RSM '68
Peter and Kelli Benz, P '11, '12, GP '24
Norbert and Inger Bischofberger, P'11
Marguerite Buchanan, RSM
James and Gina Rosaia Collins '99
Rosann Fraher, RSM, MSF '60
Patrick and Jane Hitchock, P '12
William and Emilia Kibblewhite, P '15, 17
Jerry and Kathy Lautze Krause '68
Fr. Michael Mahoney, O.F.M. Cap. OLA
Andrea Metkus, M.D., P '23
Scott and Martha Ann Milliken, P '16
Mario and Katherine Lacunza Pompili '78, P'12
Andrew and Clare Pool Purpura '75
Charlie and Caroline Romeo, P '14
Wayne and Cathy Dunleavy Rosaia '72, P '99
Janet Rozzano, RSM, MSF '56
Fr. John Ryan, St. Catherine of Siena
Casey and Benjamin Sternsmith '99
Linda Stoick, P '23
Sandra Stoppoloni, GP '14, '15, '22
Aileen Whelan, M.D., '76

Steering Committee

Kelli Benz, P '11, '12, GP '24
Natalie Cirigliano Brosnan '02, Ed.D
Carol Fraher
Jamie Jweinat Lechleitner '02
Mary Lund, P '06, '08
Caroline Romeo, P' 14
Cathy Dunleavy Rosaia '72, P '99
Vashti R. Sinigayan '99, MPA