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Heart to Heart Club - a monthly giving program

Make a lasting impact in a Mercy student's life by joining our Heart to Heart Club. As a Heart to Heart Club member, your recurring contributions, directed to The Mercy Annual Fund unless otherwise designated, become the heartbeat of positive change in the lives of the young women at Mercy.

Enroll today to be part of a community that believes in making a consistent, lifetime impact on every Mercy student, shaping destinies and transforming lives forever. Together, we're changing lives, one heart at a time. Your gift adds up and directly empowers Mercy students to reach their dreams.


Long Term Impact
Your monthly support is more than a donation – it's a steady hand, guiding us in our long-term mission. As an everyday partner, you're right there with us, making a real difference in the lives of young women at Mercy. 

Your generosity empowers and directly impacts the lives of our students. Every dollar contributes to a brighter future, unlocking opportunities for faith, growth, innovation, and transformation.

Cost Effective
Monthly giving ensures minimal overhead, directing a maximum amount of funds to where they matter most: empowering our students through impactful programs.



Join the Heart to Heart Club and be the heartbeat of empowerment: 

You can donate by credit card, direct debit or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by direct debit, please email Beverly Cruz or call her at 650.762.1190 to set up your plan.  You may also mail in your check monthly payable to:  Mercy High School.   Be sure to Click on the "Make this a recurring gift" box below.

Mary Lund


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