Graduates holding hands

COVID-19 Response Fund

Ensuring the Safety of our School
Supporting our Students and Families

In times of need, Mercy has always turned to its community. Its strength and compassion have carried us forward many times in our history. Today, like others throughout the world, Mercy has been impacted by COVID-19. 

This fund was created as a special initiative to respond to the wide range of COVID-related needs in our school community. The most urgent areas of need are procuring safety equipment and providing financial assistance to our families.

Thank you for any support you can provide
toward our COVID-19 safety needs.  

 COVID-19 Safety Equipment

Hand washing stations $5,689.64
PPE Materials $8,949.90
Teacher Desk Shields $6,851.04
Tents for Outdoor Learning $4,499.95.
Contact Tracing:  $2,450

Assistance for families facing
unexpected financial hardship


Tuition Assistance:  $50,000