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Faith & Service

Mercy is a Catholic school in the Mercy tradition. Faithful to our roots, we commit ourselves to study, reflection, discussion, worship, and the service of others. Our Religion Department, Campus Ministry, Service Learning and Mission programs all work together to graduate young women of faith, character, and academic excellence. Learn more about our heritage here

Why Choose Catholic Education?

Sandy Flaherty, Mercy’s Director of Catholic Identity and Religious Studies teacher, has published an informative and guiding resource for families considering a Catholic education. An editorial, Why Choose Catholic Education? is designed to educate parents on how Catholic education is distinct from other learning environments. 

Intentionally brief and summative, Ms. Flaherty's editorial is a high-level view of the benefits of a Catholic education, and, more specifically, a Mercy education. She relates complex concepts to identifiable practices at Mercy Burlingame to illustrate how the theoretical is put into action. Not simply a resource for parents, Why Choose Catholic Education? describes the Mission that all on campus work toward every day. It illustrates how a Catholic, faith-based education offers a good deal more than a diploma; it offers vision, direction, and purpose. 


Who Will You Become
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