February 8, 2017



*Course Requests for 2017-2018


Current freshmen, sophomore & junior parents and students can request courses for next year via the PowerSchool Parent & Student Portal starting at 2:30pm on Wednesday, February 8th. The Class Registration link in your portal will remain open until Friday, March 3 at 3pm. 


Please contact your daughter's teacher or counselor with any course-related question. 2017-2018 Mercy Course Catalog.


If you have any questions regarding PowerSchool, please contact Stephanie Montoya via email or 650-762-1111.  

Re-registration for the 2017-2018 school year:

On 2/6/2017
School Admin will generate an email with updated tuition and registration information.
FACTS accounts for the new school year will be activated
On 2/8/2017 through March 3rd
Students will be able to begin requesting courses for the next school year.  Courses will be finalized only when School Admin registration is complete and the registration fees paid.
On 2/27/2017
FACTS will draw the $600 re-registration fee for the first student in a family and $500.00 for each additional student.

Curriculum Presentation:

During collaboration last week, your daughter saw this Curriculum Presentation Video about how to select classes for next year.  Counselors came around to answer questions afterwards.  PowerSchool will open for course selection on February 8th and close on March 3rd.  We hope that you can start the course selection process at home with a conversation about what your daughter is interested in taking and about what you think an appropriate load would be for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.  Academic Counselors will schedule meetings with students in February during their religion classes to review their course requests and answer any questions.  Students will have until March 3rd to make any changes in PowerSchool. This page of the Mercy website has the Course Catalog and other helpful information to best prepare a student for course schedule.  Please email your daughter's academic counselor if you have any questions.

Michele Macmillan ( for the Class of 2018 and Class of 2020
Beth Mahalak ( for the Class of 2019

Dear Students and Parents:

Mercy High School is pleased to present to you the 2017-2018 Course Catalog. Here you will find the course offerings for the next academic year, as well as the planning tools and information needed to complete the course request process.

We invite you to carefully and thoughtfully consider the course offerings with your family before
making your requests. Course requests will open on Feb. 8 and remain open until March 3. Counselors will meet with each student to ensure a rigorous, yet balanced course-load.

Students requesting an AP course should complete and hand in the AP Contract by
February 8th. Students requesting an off-campus Tri-School class should complete the contract by April 30. Should you have any questions about the process, please contact your academic counselor.

Lauren Conklin
Assistant Head of School for Academics

PSAT Scores: During Collaboration last week, the students were asked to log into the College Board website to see PSAT and PSAT 8/9 scores. This should give you and your daughter a chance to learn more about how to use those scores and the tools provided from the College Board and Khan Academy. Please see the resources below and take an active role in using these tools to improve your college readiness.(Both your daughter's advisor and counselor have her PSAT access code if she was absent.)

CSF:  If you would like to apply to CSF using your FALL 2016 grades, please turn in the application (click HERE for application) to Mrs. Ohanessian by Wednesday, February 8th.  Do not leave applications in the main office.  Late applications will not be considered.


  • You must reapply every semester
  • Always use grades from the prveious semester ONLY
  • The application fee is $5.00 per semester
  • A transcript  or report card must be attached to the application


Financial Assistance Program for 2017-2018  
Mercy High School recognizes that families have varying financial needs and make financial sacrifices which include adjusting spending priorities and maximizing both parents' earnings to provide their daughters with a strong academic education. The Financial Assistance Program at Mercy strives to help those families who, even with personal sacrifices, have a difficult time meeting the full tuition obligation. Awards are made for a one-year period, families must re-apply each year.


The application process is fair and confidential. Assessments are done by an outside firm (TADS) that specializes in school financial assistance programs. Financial aid awards are made based on a family's demonstrated need and the availability of school funds.


All families who would like to be considered for financial assistance for the 2017-2018 school year must complete an online financial aid application. Applications must be submitted by February 10, 2017* with all necessary documentation.  This link will direct you to our website for further information and the online TADS application.  Late applications are processed and reviewed, but meeting the appropriate deadline is strongly recommended to be included in the first round of aid awards.  Please contact Lynn Beal at 650-762-1101 or if you have any questions.


*Please note returning 10th, 11th and 12th grade families must apply by February 10, 2017.  Families that have both an applying 8th grader and returning student must meet the December 12, 2016 deadline.



*Mai Tais at the Mansion! 
Saturday, March 11, 2017

Early Bird Special Ticket Pricing $65.00 per ticket,
regular price $75.00!

Ticket Prices will go up to regular price Sunday, Feb 12, 2017!


Click HERE for Parent Information Letter 
   (including Advertising/Sponsorship                     Opportunities and Donation info)

Donate an Auction Item! 
  - click HERE for online Donation Form
  - click HERE for printable Donation                    Form (pdf)



*It's that time again…..
The drive, put on by our Red Cross Club, will be held on February 28th 
with donation times available from 9:30 – 3:30.  Mr. Diaz gives service hours for donors and volunteers. Check to ensure you can donate.


Blood and Platelet Donors Must:

- Be in good general health and feeling well*
- Be at least 17-years-old in most states, or 16-years-old with parental consent if allowed
by state law
 – see more information for 16-year-old donors »
- Weigh at least 110 lbs.  Additional weight requirements apply for donors 18-years-old and younger and all high school donors. Click here for weight requirements for young donors.
* Note: Healthy means that you feel well and can perform normal activities. If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, healthy also means that you are being treated and the condition is under control. If you are not feeling well on the day of your donation, please contact us to reschedule.


In order to schedule your appointment, please CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW, put in the zip code (94010) and click on the desired time.  If you are a student, please make sure to verify with your teachers that you can do this and miss part of class.  Classes that allow it are anatomy/Physiology, study hall, collaboration and religion (tell teachers in advance).  All others must be verified with teachers.  WE NEED BLOOD!  Get your parents involved too!



*Make sure to follow all of our team results as they happen via our athletics twitter page. Mercy Athletics @MercyAthletics

*The Winter Sports Award night for soccer and basketball will be held on Monday February 27 in the Great Hall starting at 6:30pm

*Spring Sport team photos will take place on Feb 27 and 28.

*We will be celebrating Senior Games tomorrow at the Soccer game at 3:30pm at Skyline and the Basketball game at 7:30pm at CSM. Dance and Cheer will also be honored at the game at CSM.

Reminder for Spring Sports: Every athlete must be fully registered in the Appryse system and cleared to play sports before they start a season. A physical is required to get cleared. If you have not been cleared you will not be allowed to try out for a team. You can go onto the Mercy website and go to quicklinks and find the drop down for Appryse. Simply click and start your registration process. If you have played on a team in the fall or winter, you are cleared.


*Mercy Athlete of the Week:
Senior Soccer Player
Emily Naughton

Emily is a captain of the team and one of the team's go to players for the offense. She currently is leading the team in goals scored, assists and shots on goal. Emily scored a key goal in the win over Priory last Thursday and had 2 more goals in the win over Castilleja yesterday. The team feeds off of her calm demeanor on the field.  Keep up the great work Emily!

Any student athlete participating in a sport must turn in both the athlete and guardian contract. If the signed forms by both student and guardian are not turned in, the student will not be allowed to play in any event until they have turned in the paperwork. The forms are available on the Mercy website at Click on the link and print the contract after you have read the Handbook.  Completed forms must be returned to the Athletic Director or to the main office.


All student athletes who are currently on a Spring sport roster should be purchasing their Crusaderwear gear designed specifically for their respective team. The site to purchase the gear can be found on the Mercy website under Athletics.


Any Parent who is available and/or willing to drive students to games must turn in all the paperwork to the main office in order to be cleared to drive. This would be for your own car or a school van. The form can be downloaded from the Mercy website on the Athletics page.


We have upgraded the 2 elliptical machines and a treadmill machine in the weight room. This is in addition to the purchase of a rowing machine and a couple of exercise bikes for the Grassilli Center weight room. All girls are encouraged to utilize the facility. All girls need to check with the AD office to coordinate times for use.

All results of each team can be found in the Mercy scoreboard-

*Click HERE for the schedule for team events for the upcoming week of  Feb. 9th- Feb. 15th 


If you ever have any concerns/comments, please feel free to contact me at anytime. I can be reached at my office at Mercy at 650-762-1107. I am looking forward to a great 2017 with Mercy athletics.


Charlie Dougherty
Athletic Director

College Couseling

Cal Grant GPA Verification: In order to be considered for the Cal Grant, you will need to submit the Cal Grant GPA Verification form.  You must complete the top portion of the form and then I will complete the bottom.  I will return the form to you and you mail it in to the address on the bottom of the form.  This must be completed by March 2nd along with your FAFSA.  


FAFSA: Please remember to sign and submit your FAFSA when applying for financial aid.  Check in with your schools to make sure they received your FAFSA.  If you have any concerns or are not sure what a FAFSA is, please come by and see me. 


Mid-Year ReportsMid year reports have been sent.  Please have your students check their college portals to make sure they have been received


Update your Naviance:  Please make sure your Naviance is accurate with the schools your daughters have applied to.


UC Application Verification and Updates: Please remember to go in and update your UC application once you have new test scores.  Some of you might have also been selected for verification or additional information has been asked of you.  Make sure you stick to those deadlines. 


Check your online portals: It is very important that you check your school portals to make sure all has been received.  The UC's and some CSU's will also ask for verification through the portal.  Please make sure you are checking these regularly.. 


Junior Parents: It's time to set up your College Meeting with Mrs. Ohanessian.  Please email Francesca at to schedule your appointment today. 


Helpful Links:



*Click HERE for Service Opportunities as posted to students through x2VOL for 2016-17 School Year.


Looking ahead to Service Opportunities sponsored by Mercy High School. Click HERE 2016-17 for dates and times.


If you have any questions about service opportunities please contact Mr. Diaz at


Lunch Order Form - to save time, students may fill out this form and drop off at the Cafeteria in the morning. Please Visit the cafeteria for our daily salad selections

Thursday, 2/9/17:  Creamy Sheppard's Pie 


Friday, 2/10/17:  Chicken Tostada Salad Bowl


*NEXT WEEK's Menu Feb. 13 - 17 


Monday:  Grilled Cheese sandwich with Cilantro Tomato soup

Our Girls most desired Meal....Gooey , Melting American cheese on sliced sour dough bread served with Grandma Huda's recipe of Cilantro tomato soup

Better pre-order this one as we can never make enough :=)


Tuesday:  Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Our secret blend of BBQ dry rubbed Pork Shoulder cooked at slow heat for perfect smokiness, Served on a fresh home made round Foccacia roll.

Served with a lightly seasoned Cabbage Salad to give you that clean taste...feel free to spread that in the sandwich or eat it as a side Salad.


Wednesday:  Minimum Day. Sandwiches and Salads can be pre-ordered in the morning to pick up at Break or after school. we will not be making lunch after school.

Please Visit the cafeteria for our new and improved daily salad selections


Thursday:  Fear The LASAGNA

Our Special recipe of red sauce and seasoned meat layered between sheets of pasta, spinach and a blend of cheeses served with a green salad and Ranch Dressing.

For the Vegetarian, Please try our white sauce lasagna with layers of Spinach and cheeses between perfectly cooked pasta sheets :=)


Friday: No School!!!



Mercy Day Off/School Holiday
February 17 


Presidents' Day
February 20


Mercy Student Holiday
(Faculty/Staff Retreat) 
February 21 

Ash Wednesday Liturgy
March 1 

Mai Tails at the Mansion

Mercy Auction
March 11





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