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School Uniform

School Uniform Policy

Where to purchase our uniform:

Mills Uniform Company is Mercy High School’s exclusive uniform supplier. Uniforms are available on a customized Mercy High School webstore at You can use the webstore anytime to shop online and review our approved uniform guidelines on the Uniform Program Listing. Our school code is 314.

Please also see Mills How to Shop Flyer and Mills Uniform Details.

Uniform Expectations

Students on campus are expected to wear their school uniform. Formal Mercy uniforms will be expected to be worn by all students regardless of when they are on or off campus when we have special events such as prayer services and speakers. This expectation will be communicated in a timely manner to students. 

Used Uniforms

If you are interested in purchasing a used uniform, please contact

Mercy outerwear such as sweatshirts and jackets can be purchased HERE.  

Mercy Formal Uniform

Day-to-Day Uniform

Skirt - Mercy plaid skirt may not be shorter than five inches above the top of the knee

Pants - Appropriate navy pants (Navy Mills) are allowed. Pants must be boot cut or have a flare. No skinny pants or ripped pants allowed. Yoga pants, leggings, and jeans are not allowed.

Shorts - Navy Bermuda shorts are allowed as long as they are no shorter than five inches above the knee

Polo Shirt - White, grey Mercy polo only

Outerwear - Navy sweater, navy vest, and Mercy spirit wear are allowed. No non-Mercy sweatshirts and/or jackets are allowed except for rain jackets on rainy days.

Socks - White, black, navy, or gray socks may be worn. Socks with patterns and colors are not allowed.

Tights - Black or navy solid colored tights may be worn. Students may not wear leggings or tights with patterns in them.

Leggings - Solid black full length leggings with socks

Shoes - Predominantly white, navy, and black shoes may be worn with shoelaces of these colors. Navy blue is the only shade of blue that is allowed. Students may not wear slippers, Uggs, heels or moccasins. The only sandals allowed are Sseko Sandals with black straps. Rain boots may only be worn on rainy days.

Formal Uniform

Mercy students wear their full uniforms on special days such as liturgy days and formal assemblies. On full uniform days Mercy students must be in the following uniform:

• Mercy High School plaid skirt

• White polo

• Navy sweater

• Navy Mills pants

• Black flat shoes

• White socks and black or navy solid color tights are optional. No other colors may be worn.