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Student & Parent Handbook 2023-2024

Rules & Expectations for the 2023-2024

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Mercy High School places the highest priority on fostering students’ spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical development by providing various opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection, service learning, academic rigor, and athletic and co-curricular programs. Students, parents and guardians, and the faculty and staff of Mercy High School are called to create a community and climate that are defined by respect, personal integrity, pride in one’s work, and achievement. By registering at Mercy High School, students and their parents/guardians indicate their willingness to accept and observe the school’s policies and all addendums shared and posted during the school year.

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Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians

Educating a young woman can only be accomplished through the purposeful partnership between the parents/ guardians and the school. The administration, faculty, and staff of Mercy High School strive to work closely, honestly, and cooperatively with our students’ parents/ guardians in support of their educational goals. In order to accomplish this, the relationship requires regular communication between school and home that is characterized by mutual trust, respect, and honesty. To honor this partnership Mercy High School will notify parents/ guardians about any academic, disciplinary, and personal concerns that have to do with their daughters. Parents and guardians, in turn, are expected to reciprocate the relationship by replying in a timely manner to all communication that the school initiates. Should a parent or guardian do something to harm this partnership, the child could be asked to leave Mercy High School as it is our expectation that parents/ guardians uphold the same Code of Conduct that is expected of our students.

Parents and guardians of Mercy High School students are encouraged to share their concerns with appropriate Mercy High School personnel. They are asked to first address any issues they may have with the person with whom there is a misunderstanding or conflict. Should the parent or guardian not be satisfied after going directly to the source, they are then asked to speak to that employee’s immediate supervisor. Though the administration welcomes conversations and concerns, it is the expectation that parents and guardians first go to the people noted above before the concern is brought to them. Grade issues should be discussed with teachers, department chairs, and counselors before escalating to administration if a resolution is not achieved.

Parents are asked to treat all Mercy faculty and staff as well as other Mercy parents and students with respect. If conversations and interactions take place in a discourteous, disruptive, threatening, hostile, or divisive manner, Mercy High School will not host the conversation and will ask the parent or guardian to leave the campus or venue in which the conversation is taking place.

Mercy High School reserves the right to determine which actions fail to meet the Mercy High School Code of Conduct and the Christian philosophy that is encouraged within our mission statement. Failure to act in a way that is suitable of a Mercy High School parent may result in a warning, revocation of a parent/ guardian’s privilege to attend or participate in school activities or student and family dismissal from the school depending on the severity of the offense.

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