Student Government

Mercy High School 2017- 2018

Student Body Officers

Kat McGee

Natalie Totah

Dania Sohail

Kiley O'Brien

Spirit Commissioner
Kolotile Lataimua

Grace Collora


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Student Body President

  • Presides at Student Body Officer meetings.
  • Assists Director of Student Activities in keeping Student Body Officers on task and motivated throughout the year.
  • Presides at Student Council meetings.
  • Assists Secretary with daily announcements as needed.
  • Helps Director of Student Activities with e-news communication as needed
  • Plans agendas for Student Body assemblies.
  • Oversees other members of Student Council.
  • Acts as the SBO faculty representative.
  • Actively maintains communication among all student body officers, director of activities, and other stakeholders of school.
  • Assists other student body officers as needed.

Student Body Vice-President

  • Assumes Presidential role in her absence.
  • Serves as co-chairperson of Student Council as necessary.
  • Acts as the spiritual leader of the Student Body. .
  • Works with freshmen to help them in their transition and assists their class officers with Unity Week planning.
  • Serves as the SBO freshman class representative and their liaison on Student Council.
  • Facilitates Student/Faculty Forum by receiving and distributing proposals and agenda.
  • Leads student body and class elections.
  • Assists with any SBO task that requires additional support.

Student Body Treasurer

  • Responsible for handling money when possible.
  • Maintains organized records of any and all transactions for Mercy activities/events.
  • Meets with Director of Student Activities regularly to review account details.
  • Counts money and ticket sales from dances.
  • Assists with budget for SBO-sponsored dances.
  • Keeps detailed records of all expenses from dances in appropriate binders.
  • Keeps up-to-date records on all student council accounts.
  • Takes charge of any profits and orders.
  • Acts as the junior class representative.
  • Leads organization and execution of Twelve Days of Christmas.

Student Body Spirit Officer

  • Leads the supervision, planning, and implementation of rallies.
  • Organizes student contests, dress-up days, and activities as needed to boost school enthusiasm.
  • Works with Publicity Officer to promote all school events.
  • Responsible for recognizing the energy level of the school..
  • Recognizes student birthdays school-wide.
  • Supervises SBO and other councils’ bulletin boards.
  • Tallies all class spirit points and maintains clear, organized system, visible to Mercy community, for fair distribution of points at all levels.
  • Serves as liaison to Mercy’s clubs.
  • Acts as the SBO senior class representative.

Student Body Publicity Officer

  • Oversees the publicity of school events.
  • Leads SBO officers in use of social media to publicize school activities.
  • Coordinates photos and video coverage of student activities.
  • Coordinates with Yearbook staff to ensure that all major student activities are included in Yearbook
  • Coordinates with Director of Student Activities to ensure that all major student activities are covered on Mercy web site.
  • Serves as student liaison to Mercy clubs and publicity of club activities.
  • Creates and uploads videos for all school activities.
  • Promotes all dances by creating advertisements and announcements.
  • Proficient and comfortable using video-editing software.


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Student Body Officers

Student Body Officers (SBOs) are incoming seniors who are elected by the 9th-11th grade student body to represent the school. The SBOs directly influence the attitude of the entire student body. The job descriptions below will give you an idea of what each of the six SBO positions entails.

To run for office, a student must be a current junior with a cumulative 2.5 grade point average since freshman year. It is recommended that anyone running for a Student Body Office has one year of previous leadership experience. If a student has been placed on disciplinary probation or suspension during the school year in which she wishes to run for office, you must write a letter of appeal to theAssistant Head of School for Student Life in order to be considered for eligibility. A student may not currently be on academic probation. Newly elected SBOs are required to be present for training and preparation during July.Other preparation begins immediately after the election takes place.

It is highly encouraged, but not required, that those assuming SBO positions have a Study Hall period.

All Student Body Officers should possess the following qualities:

  • Friendliness
  • Courageousness
  • Appropriate behavior modeling
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Serving as a voice for their schoolmates
  • Modeling servant leadership
  • Practicing Inclusivity
  • Working cooperatively
  • Skill-shifting effectively
  • Balancing academic course load with demanding school leadership responsibilities
  • Working with a variety of personality types
  • Compromising with other leaders
  • Challenging themselves to make Mercy a positive experience for all

SBOs, as a team, take charge of the following:

  • Planning and implementation of Mercy Week, including Bowl-a-Thon.
  • Planning Winter Semi-Formal and Junior/Senior Prom.
  • Updating bulletin boards.
  • Planning Halloween dance and school celebrations.
  • Planning the Week of Christmas Spirit
  • Planning an attending the Freshman Social
  • Planning rallies, assemblies, and other pre-established events/traditions.

Class Councils

Class Councils 2017-2018
Senior Class Council

Sara Bermudez
Angela Golhofer
Rebecca Kryljac
Kiley Panasuk
Sydney Thomas

Junior Class Council

Yasmine Dudum
Saima El-Badry
Jordyn Eleazar
Maya McGee
Grance Winningham

Sophomore Class Council

Cheree Barroso
Lauren Dubose
Bronwyn Miguel
Chili Phaler
Alexa Ulrich

Freshman Class Council