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United We Can!

On August 26th, in honor of Women's Equality Day, Congresswoman Jackie Speier took 100 high school girls from her district to the Rosie the Riveter Museum in Richmond, CA. The group rode over is busses and each group had a chance to talk directly with Congresswoman Speier of current events and concerns they face today. Click HERE to view the video!

During the global war in the 1940's, people on the home front came together as never before. At the Museum, the girls were able to meet a real "Rosie" and hear about WWII and the part that women played in this piece of history. It is a story of dedication and courage showing the struggles they faced in breaking down barriers which have shaped many of today's best social innovations. They were the leaders which charted the path and vision women walk today.

Jackie spoke about the end of the Women's suffrage and ending the wage gap in pay between women and men in the work place. She spoke about how this is a time of engagement, especially in the Bay Area and that above everything else, Love will win out.