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The Wedding Singer Electrifies the Tri-School Productions Stage

We're gonna party like it's 1985! Tri-School Productions' The Wedding Singer enters its final weekend and has been delighting audiences of all ages. Based on the hit Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer takes us back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up and a wedding singer might just be the coolest guy in the room. The cast and crew include many Mercy Girls, with the role of Julia played by junior Klara La Guardia '20. We sat down with Klara to talk about playing Julia, her musical theater career, and the Tri-School Productions family. Tickets are on sale now for April 5th and 6th at 7:30pm on the Tri-School Productions website HERE. Don't miss this show!

Had you seen the Wedding Singer (movie)? How does this production compare?

I actually hadn't seen the movie until I was cast as Julia. I held off seeing it because I didn't want to be swayed by Drew Barrymore's interpretation. There are some differences, but it is of course the same story. For example, we couldn't do the famous scene of Sam's limo-driving audition on the stage!

What was your first impression of Julia?

My first impression was that she is very selfless. She tends to put the feelings of others before her own, and take care of other people's needs. Even when she starts to realize that she has feelings for Robbie, she stays with Glen and even sets Robbie up with her friend Holly. She is a hopeless romantic too, which is sweet and fun to play. She is a dreamer and loves to make her friends happy. 

It's really fun getting to play Julia. I see some similarities between us - I'm also kind of a romantic, and I have a tendency to want to please people. But I do recognize that Julia doesn't stand up for herself as much as she should. I try to do that more. I always try to take away something from all the roles that I play. People say that you end up putting a lot of yourself into the characters you play, but it's also easy to incorporate the positive traits of my characters into myself. 

How long have you been acting/singing?

I started acting when I was 4 years old, and taking voice lessons when I was 8. But I've know since I was 3 that this was something that I wanted to do. I went to a production of South Pacific in Half Moon Bay and afterward I turned to my mom and said, "That's what I want to do."

What was it like to be part of this Tri-School production?

I love Tri-School Productions. Everyone says it, but it really is true: Tri-School Productions is a family, and everyone cares a lot about each other. I'm so glad I found it, and so grateful to be a part of it. 

This is my 6th production with Tri-School (not counting a summer performance) and this particular show is just so fun. Our Director has been saying that the world needs more joy, and that's what this production is. I hope that people come away feeling joyful, having had a really great experience.