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Honoring the Vet

Last week the girls from Susan Roughgarden's Freshman History class were treated to a special talk by Bud Simon a WWII Vet who fought as a Marine in the Pacific Theater. Bud, who is 95 year's old now explained to the girls about the draft during WWII and how he was part of a Marine Aviation Squadron that protected the 37th Infantry & Calvary on the "Dash to Manila." He also told the girls that a prototype of the Drone airplanes that we see now were actually being developed in WWII and that this information was classified for 25 years after the war!

Bud was joined by Connie Johnson, RN who is a member of the Honor Flight Bay Area Organization. This organization was created to honor American' Veterans for all of their sacrifices. Each year, they transport our heroes to Washington, DC to visit and reflect at their memorials with priority given to Senior Vets.

Bud was honored to go last year, and he told the girls about how moving it was to lay a wreath at the Memorial. Bud's story was very inspiring, especially when he told the girls that he believes that ," Freedom is not Free – It must always be guarded and oftentimes paid for with the sacrifice of others." We salute you Bud Simon!