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Book Talk with Congresswoman Jackie Speier '68

On December 18, we welcomed Congresswoman Jackie Speier '68 to discuss her new book, Undaunted. During the hour-long conversation with Alumnae Relations Manager Jamila Zanette '04, Jackie shared stories about her formative years growing up in South SF and Burlingame. She reflected on her experience as a student at Mercy Burlingame, and how the sisterhood bonds she formed continue to impact her today. She discussed the ways that spirituality has shaped her life - contributing to her resilience and determination - and the influence the Sisters of Mercy's teachings had on her, commenting, "Mercy High School taught me about social justice." Describing the strong women in her life, Jackie shared how their fortitude set an example and informed her outlook. She even recounted stories from her early experience in politics as a volunteer for Leo J. Ryan's state legislative campaign. 

In response to audience questions, Jackie shared her thoughts on a range of topics, including challenges facing the Bay Area, as well as her positivity and hope for the future. She concluded that determination and adaptability, themes seen throughout her life and her book, were instrumental in her success and she encouraged all in attendance to forge ahead, undaunted.