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Alumnae College Forum

This past January, 13 Mercy graduates returned to talk to the senior class. The Alums from the class of 2015 and 2016 were a wealth of information for the seniors who will be facing the new challenge of college next fall.

The alums talked about college and learning to adjust to their new schools, how to manage their time, and encouraged the girls to get out of their comfort zone and to meet as many people as possible those first few weeks!

It was a great way for the seniors to ask questions from someone who has just lived the situation and each of them came away with some new tips and tricks for making the transition to college easier to handle!

Thanks to Cassie Miller, Ally Ick, Sammy Baker, Maddy Gaumer, Melissa Cagney, Emma Colquhoun, Madison Miller, Kari Putz, Rebecca Carmick, Marisa Gimball, Shannon Grady, Kendall Gordon and Hannah Collins for coming back and sharing their college experiences!