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Mercy Senior Wins Youth of the Year

Mercy Senior Scarlett Aramburu Alvarez '20 has earned the title of Youth of the Year for Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club (MPBGC)! Scarlett was nominated last May, and prepared for months working with a coach and attending workshops to strengthen her public speaking skills. In November, she competed against others in her Mid-Peninsula clubhouse which included individual interviews with a panel of eight judges and ultimately giving a speech to a packed audience about an issue she felt needed addressing in her community. 

An active member of the Boys & Girls Club since 7th grade, Scarlett's participation has evolved as she took on more of a leadership role. In middle school, her Torch Club activities included event planning for Halloween haunts and Thanksgiving parties, organizing Christmas gifts for members, and designing the Teen Center. "Now, I have a higher leadership role in the club and volunteer in the broader community, organizing clean-up projects in different cities and helping to design other teen centers," she says. 

Over the years, Scarlett's experiences at Mercy have influenced the way she views service to her community she says, encouraging her to be intrinsically motivated and acknowledge the worth of time. "It is important to give back to the community that holds you up and that you represent." 

Scarlett is also motivated to grow as a leader through her involvement with Junior Statesmen of America, a club at Mercy. Finding her voice and becoming comfortable making her opinions heard has helped her encourage fellow students to express their opinions during meetings or through participation in events like the student-organized Gun Control rally.

"Scarlett is an active community member and leader on our campus. She has been a leader of JSA and represented Mercy at their State Conferences. We are so proud of the work she has done at our school and in the broader peninsula community," says Claire Rietmann-Grout, Assistant Head of School for Student Life at Mercy.

As a graduating Senior, Scarlett is excited to see what her future holds; "It's time to put myself in new situations where I can apply the knowledge I gained at Mercy in order to create new opportunities and experiences!"

The Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year program continues beyond the Clubhouse level to Regionals and ultimately, Nationals. Regardless of the extent of her future participation, Scarlett is grateful for the opportunity to hone her public speaking skills and for the mentorship and recognition she has received. 

Photo by Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club