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New Mascot

Media Contact: Kelsey Connolly, (650)762-1112

Mercy High School, Burlingame Unveils New Mascot: The Bears

Burlingame, Calif. – Mercy High School, Burlingame, an institution with a rich history and strong commitment to education, announces an exciting transformation in its brand. Formerly known as the Crusader Rabbits, the school has introduced a new mascot, The Bears, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and inclusivity.

The decision to change the mascot was not taken lightly. As an alumna, Natalie Cirigliano Brosnan, now the Head of School, understood the emotional ties to the Crusader Rabbit. However, in alignment with the evolving needs of the student community and a commitment to diversity and representation, the school recognized the time had come for a change.

In a heartfelt message to Mercy Alumnae, Natalie expressed her journey as both an alumna and the school's leader, acknowledging the need to respond to the call for a more inclusive symbol. The Crusader Rabbit, although once cherished, had ceased to resonate with students' experiences. After years of students not identifying with the mascot, and attempts to revitalize the Crusader Rabbit resulting in unintended associations, Mercy High School embarked on a thoughtful community driven process involving nominations and votes.

Natalie extends an invitation to the Mercy Alumnae community, emphasizing the importance of supporting the school's current and future students in their endeavors. She invites all former Crusaders to join in the celebration of our new "Bear Country," recognizing that the beauty of sisterhood lies in honoring the past and embracing the future.

"Whether you view yourself as a Crusader or a Bear, you are Mercy, and we are blessed to forever be connected in sisterhood and Mercy," Cirigliano Brosnan states, underlining the enduring bond that unites Mercy Alumnae across generations.

The school remains committed to its legacy of academic excellence, character formation, and sisterhood, now under the emblem of The Bears. As the Mercy community steps into this exciting new chapter, the spirit of unity and support prevails, reinforcing the values that have defined Mercy High School for decades. Mercy is excited to announce the new mascot as they continue to move forward with their plans to build the school 's first ever gymnasium. Mercy High School is at 72% of its $27 million fundraising goal to build a Student Life and Athletic Center inclusive of a gym and pool expansion.

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1931, Mercy High School, Burlingame is driven by a clear mission:to provide a rigorous, Catholic education that prepares young women to lead with compassion and strive for excellence. Since its founding, more than 8,000 young women have graduated from Mercy with a powerful sense of self that provides a foundation for effective action and leadership in their communities. Mercy's vision of women's leadership is deeply informed by the experiences of our alumnae, who credit their Mercy education with giving them the capacities crucial to their success: intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and the self-confidence to step forward with conviction.

For more information, please contact: Kelsey Connolly, Marketing Manager 650-762-1112