Fall Strength & Conditioning

Fall 2020

Athletic Fall Conditioning Program

We are very excited to offer an Athletic Fall Conditioning Program on Mercy’s campus for our students. Mercy will offer three 3-week conditioning sessions from Monday, September 21- Thursday, October 29. All sessions will be led by members of the Mercy High School Coaching Staff.

Below please find a list of the Sport-Specific Conditioning groups that will be offered. 

Basketball - Mercy Campus

  • (T/Th) 4:30-6PM

Cross Country - Mercy Campus and Surrounding Neighborhood 

  • (M/W) 4-5:30PM

Golf - Mercy Campus (Session 1) San Bruno Driving Range (Sessions 2 and 3)

  • (T/Th) 3:30-5PM

Gymnastics - Mercy Campus

  • (T/Th) 3:30-5PM

Tennis - Mercy Campus

  • (M/W) 4-5:30PM

Volleyball - Mercy Campus

  • (M/W) 4-5:30PM Soph/Juniors/Seniors

  • (T/Th) 4-5:30PM Freshmen

Water Polo/ Swimming- Mercy Campus

  • (M/W) 4-5:30PM New Players

  • (T/Th) 4-5:30PM Returning Players

Please note that students may only sign up for one conditioning group at this time and that students may not join mid-session. Students will be eligible to switch sports after three weeks. Please note that the first conditioning session will not include any sport specific equipment. Students will solely be focusing on general conditioning skills led by coaches. Sport specific equipment may begin to be introduced during the second conditioning session as it is deemed safe and appropriate.

All students are encouraged to participate regardless if they have experience in the above sports. One of the major intentions of this program is to provide our students with an on campus and in person activity that allows them to socialize with classmates and coaches. A major focus will be for our students to have a social outlet that encourages them to get in shape and prepare for upcoming sport seasons. 

Please note that participation in conditioning is a family decision. No student will be penalized by coaches for not attending a specific sport’s conditioning program. These athletic opportunities are for the sole purpose of conditioning, staying in shape, and providing a social outlet to our students. Athletic skill will not be measured at any point during these sessions.

Parents are asked to register their daughters for a conditioning group by clicking here. Please note that all students must pre-register by 8AM on Thursday, September 17. Any athlete who is not cleared in the Magnus System and/or who has not turned in the signed Parent/ Student Handbook Acknowledgment Form by 8AM on Friday, September 18 will not be eligible to participate in the first conditioning session (September 21- October 8). Please note there will be no exceptions to this deadline. Families will receive a confirmation email of their daughter's registration by the end of day Friday, September 18.

Mercy High School highly values the parent/ school partnership and recognizes the importance of this partnership more than ever. In order for us to ensure that we are all doing our part to keep our entire community and the loved ones of our community healthy, Mercy families are expected to read and follow the policies and procedures in our Athletic Safety Protocol Addendum and to share equal responsibility in this partnership.

We are very excited to offer this in person and on campus activity for your daughters, and we hope you will sign your daughter up for a sport conditioning session. We know our students need in person social opportunities now more than ever, and we look forward to bringing them back to Mercy. Should you have any questions please contact Meave Ward, Interim Athletic Director at mward@mercyhsb.com.

Virtual Strength and Conditioning Sessions

Mercy Athletics is committed to developing healthy, top-level athletes through team sport and conditioning. Our certified Athletic Trainer is coordinating our Strength & Conditioning Program. Strength & Conditioning at Mercy is focused toward injury prevention and athletic performance specific to each sport. 

All athletes who will be participating in a fall sport should utilize the Strength and Conditioning Sessions in order to be properly prepared for their tryouts/practices. All sports and levels are encouraged and welcome! Due to distancing guidelines as a result of COVID19, sessions will be held over Zoom. Please see below for the schedule and what to expect. We hope you'll join us to maintain physical conditioning and prepare for next year's athletic program!

What to Expect:

  • Students should join the Zoom meeting via the links below for the respective time she wishes to join.
  • All sessions are open to any and all current and incoming Mercy Students.
  • Students should wear comfortable clothing for exercise.
  • All sessions will include limited to no equipment needed. Some equipment that may be needed include dumbbells, resistance bands, or a yoga mat/carpet. 
    • Students can get creative with weights by safely using household items such as bottles or jugs of water, textbooks, bags of sugar or flour, etc.
  • All sessions include a warm-up followed by strength training and/or conditioning for cardiovascular endurance.
  • Students should work within her comfort level and limitations. 
    • Modifications will be provided for many exercises and if a student is experiencing any pain or limitations.

Contact Interim Athletic Director at mward@mercyhsb.com with any questions.

Virtual is only Monday through Thursday, 3:00 - 3:30PM.

Sport Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


3:00 - 3:30pm



3:00 - 3:30pm



3:00 - 3:30pm



3:00 - 3:30pm