Girls Athletic Association

The GAA Board is a group of student athletes who are an advisory group to the Athletic Director. They also organize the sports awards nights and are responsible for the publicity of athletics.

Meet the GAA Officers for 2017-2018:

Claire Baldocchi

Mia Calsada

Serena Calsada

Imani Camp

Isabel Cassano

Lia Delucchi

Gianna Disco

Genevieve Flieder

Ryan Galea

Anna Grace

Zoe Grisim

Alex Jay

Karla Joachin-Alvarez

Nikolette Kato

Maddie Kilgariff

Haylee Klingler

Jacqueline Klingler

Kate McHale

Melia Melkesian

Marla Mobraten

Carolyn Reilly

Alex Saenz

Isabella Triunfo

Valerie Wong