Mercy Girls Love to Learn

Why Mercy?

Mercy girls continue a legacy that began over 80 years ago...a legacy of young women inspired to achieve great things, and go on to change the world! At an all-girls school like Mercy, a girl occupies every role: every seat on student council or Kairos, every position on every team, every club leadership role. Every day, a Mercy girl sees girls learning, growing and achieving – and takes advantage of the myriad of opportunities to do the same.

Mercy Inspires

Mercy inspires each student to discover herself, grow in faith, and envision her future through challenging and motivating academic and co-curricular programs. Mercy offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum focused on guiding students as they master analytical and critical thinking skills, develop compassion, creativity and strong writing skills and grow in faith as women who will make a difference for good in our world. We seek to educate the whole person in an atmosphere of excellence that respects the dignity of each student. At Mercy, we prepare young women for college; but most importantly, we prepare them for life. They will start as Mercy Girls, and graduate Women of Mercy.

Exceptional Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and administration are exceptional—dedicated to working together to create a nurturing environment that balances freedom with responsibility; challenging academics with spiritual growth; traditional values with cutting-edge curriculum; athletic excellence with sportsmanship.

Empowerment & Confidence

Mercy is about empowerment—empowering young women to gain the confidence they need to succeed in college; to become strong global leaders; and to succeed in whatever career they pursue. Whether working as a biochemist, a teacher in the Peace Corps or becoming a member of the United States Congress, all of our graduates possess the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their dreams.

Best of Both Worlds

Mercy has partnered with Junipero Serra High School (all boys) and Notre Dame Belmont (all girls) as part of the Tri-School program which offers the “best of both worlds” to Mercy students. The collaborative effort affords our students the proven benefits of single-gender education while providing significant coeducational opportunities on each other’s campuses – including classes, clubs, social events, music and performing arts productions.

No Place We'd Rather Be!

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