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Mercy Statement Regarding the HSPT

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In light of the upheavals we have recently faced, both as a community and as a nation, Mercy High School has been working to review our Admission practices to ensure that our requirements offer the utmost in opportunity to all students. 

We know that our world is going through something that can be very difficult to process for our students. When our applicants were suddenly told to go home and engage in lessons last spring we know that everyone had a different experience with Distance Learning and that all students continue to adapt to new ways of learning and new expectations this Fall. Any time a major change like this occurs, it brings a transition period that we must be aware of and take into account during the Admissions process.

Being aware that every child and every school has varying access to resources that play a pivotal role in their high school readiness, Mercy High School Leadership has decided that we will not require prospective students to take the HSPT (High School Placement Test) as part of the admissions process this Fall. We believe that no one test can ever truly define a child, and we look forward to continuing to place great emphasis on the entire application.

At Mercy we pride ourselves on the careful evaluation we give to each applicant’s admission process. We take time to truly know each student and to learn about her academic and personal strengths and areas for growth as well as the passions that she hopes to explore and further develop in high school. We will continue to put great emphasis on this personalized approach as we transition away from the HSPT requirement this year. 

Applicants will continue to be held to a high standard for acceptance which entails a thorough review of transcripts, school testing, personal statements and recommendations. Our family interview process allows us to further know each applicant and gives applicants the opportunity to clarify any components of their application.

We look forward to getting to know you this Admissions Season, and we sincerely hope that you feel at home at Mercy High School.