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The McAuley Honors Scholar Program at Mercy High School is a rigorous four-year program that demands high expectations and top performance from its participants.

McAuley Scholarships are offered to only a select group of incoming freshmen. They are Mercy’s top 10% of applicants, who are poised to successfully maintain a challenging course load.

McAuley Scholars must enroll as freshmen in Honors Biology, Honors English 1, and Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry, Honors Geometry, or a higher level math; maintain enrollment in a minimum of three Honors or AP courses each year; keep a minimum GPA of 3.75 (weighted); and sustain active involvement in extracurricular activities.

If this criteria is met, they receive a $14,000 scholarship over 4 years ($3,500 per year). Students will also be listed as McAuley Honors Scholar participants on their transcripts for as many years as applicable.