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Summer Reading book club list

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Summer Book club reads.

Above is the list of six books for our  2019 summer book clubs. You will sign up for one of these by April 24. Click on the books above for a description of each and a video book review. There is a button at the bottom of each description to take you to the form to allow you to select your book. The book clubs will be 8 - 10 people.  


"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading you can only think what everyone else is thinking."
Haruki Murakami
Once your book club is formed you will meet once during collab in April or May, 2019 to preview the book , and will meet again early next school year (August 2019) to have a book club style discussion. The leader of your club may be a teacher, staff or admin person from the school. If your group agrees you might like to connect once during the summer to see how the reading is going - perhaps a Skype call or coffee shop visit.
Please Do - sign up with friends for the same book - so long as it is one you would all enjoy.
Please Don't - sign up just because your best friend is signing up - you must want to read the book too. Don't worry - everyone will be friendly.
Please Do - be respectful of other's choices - we all have different tastes, and that is what makes the world interesting.
Please Don't - tell spoilers.