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Online Research Databases

Mercy's online databases are for student, faculty, and staff use. To access these databases on campus the icons below will take you directly to the database. General research databases are listed first, then History and English, and finally a few miscellaneous databases.

To access from home please view this document to find the appropriate password. The classic list of databases is here. If prompted, log in to your mercyhsb Google account to view these documents.


Mercy Burlingame oneSearch

New 2019-2020 - Mercy's new oneSearch tool.  Search all of Mercy's databases and catalogs from a single search box. This is currently being implemented, so results will vary. Implementation will be complete by early August 2019.



NEW during the 2018/19 school year.


Cameron's collection is a collection of ebooks focussed on navigating the emotional stresses and strains that sometimes accompany high school.  Accessing these books is completely private.  No-one is able to know who has accessed which books, or for how long.  There is also no limit on the number of users per book, so they will never be unavailable to you.  If you are accessing from home, the password is available on this document which you can access using your Mercy google account.


Teachingbooks is a new resource with author videos, book teasers, lesson plans and more.

Britannica School EditionHigh

Encyclopedia Brittanica High School database - great for general research including history, science and Current affairs.

Encyclopedia Brittanica Escolar - Spanish language encyclopedia for general knowledge and practice

Reference Shelf Primary sources

We now subscribe to a fabulous selection of primary source collections through the Reference Shelf. If you are looking for speeches, articles by key decision makers and the like, on topics of current interest, use the search box above.


Research databases

Explora is a great source for History, English and Religion topics. Search results are preceded with a "Topic explorer" entry - with great general knowledge information on your topic. ("Pre-search")


General Research databases.

Reader - burl20788 - itof

General One File contains millions of articles from a variety of magazines and journals.

Reader - burl20788 - suic

Student Resources in Context provides access to High School level research articles including maps and statistics

Gale Power search allows you to search all the databases we subscibe to through Gale. Beware of too many results though!

Reader - burl20788 - bic

Biography in Context contains biographies of over 400,000 significant individuals with details of their lives and times.

Reader - burl20788 - msic

Research in Context provides general information and access to introductory information on a wide variety of topics. A good place to start.

Reader - burl20788 - gic

Global Issues in Context contains reference materials on a wide variety of international issues

Reader - burl20788 - ovic

Opposing Viewpoints in Context presents a wide variety of pressing issues, and discusses issues from both points of view. A great place to help you form your own opinions.

Reader - burl20788 - eaim

An essential set of scholarly journals and general interest titles supporting research across disciplines.

Reader - burl20788 - stom

InfoTrac Student allows you to discover periodicals and reference book content supporting student research.

The Infobase Issues and Controversies databases provide detail of significant social issues raised both in the US, and worldwide. Great for History and English essay research.

Reader - burl20788 - grcm

General Reference Center is a concise collection of general interest titles.

Encyclopedia Brittanica High School database - great for general research including history, science and Current affairs.

World Religions is our newest source for spiritual and religious information.

EBSCO research databases
Research databases
Limit Your Results

The five EBSCO research databases above can be searched individually or all together by selecting the resource you want with the check boxes.

Education source and ERIC are for research in education. MAS complete and Newspaper Source Plus are huge collections of magazine and newspaper articles, both historical and current. TOPICSearch is a bit like Pro/Con and Facts on File - deep looks at specific social and newsworthy topics.

Pro/Con issues evaluate and provide access to source articles on a wide variety of social issues within the US. Great for Religion, English and Gov research.


History specific research.

US History in Context contains articles, source material, and reference material on US History.

World History in Context contains similar material to US H i C, but referencing world events.

Global issues in Context is also very useful for history projects, and putting things in perspective!

The Infobase Issues and Controversies databases provide detail of significant social issues throughout US history.  It focuses on providing both sides of any issue.

Presidents: A Reference History

This ebook provides detailed biographies of the lives of each president.

English literature specific research.

Expanded Academic contains over 40 million academic articles from a wide variety of journals and magazines.

Gale Literary Resources contains articles, essays and reviews from over 390 literary journals and magazines.

GVRL is a collection of searchable ebooks, on the topics of History, Biography and Literary Criticism.

Literature Resource Center, Twaynes and Scibners provides information on individual authors and analysis of thousands of pieces of literature.

JSTOR online books

JSTOR Open access books have over 3000 books and detailed articles on a range of academic issues.  These come from publishers including UC Press, Yale University Press, and around 200 others.

Miscellaneous databases.

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Reader - burl20788 - ifme

Informe is a resource for high school research in Spanish.

Encyclopedia Brittanica Escolar - spanish language encyclopedia for general research

Encyclopedia Brittanica High School database - great for general research including history, science and Current affairs.

ARTSTOR - a collection of images of museum quality art, photographs, drawings and historical artifacts. Gorgeous.

Reader - burl20788 - hwrc

Health and Wellness resources for all enquiries about your health and well being.

Reader - burl20788 - itke

Kids Infobits is a place for early easily comprehended information on a very wide variety of topics.