Rigorous Academics

Mercy Coding Day

The links on this page will lead you to fun and creative coding lessons that we have found on a variety of websites. We hope you enjoy them!


Karel the dog

Karel the dog link to hour of code.

Karel the dog will lead you through a fun, easy introduction to basic text programming.

Tracy the Turtle

Tracy the turtle - link to hour of code.

Tracy the turtle will have you programming shapes in no time.

Web design with codeHS

Web design hour of code

Learn the basics of how to build a web site.  Learn about HTML and start your own page.

Digital art in pixels

digital art in pixels - hour of code

Learn how pictures are stored and displayed as pixels on a screen.

Coding with music

Make your own beats - hour of code

Make your own music and get creative with beats with this fun hour of code.

Generating art with code

use Javascript to generate art.

Making memes with code using javascript.

Graphics art with Javascript

Graphic art with Javascript link

Use Javascript to build graphics on a page.

Draw shapes with block programming

link to block programming drawing shapes

A sweet little artist will help you draw shapes using "block programming"

Artificial Intelligence

Link to hour of code learning about Artificial intelligence and the sea

Learn about and train an Artificial Intelligence, and learn about the limitations that AI has too.

Peblio Interactive Art

Link to interactive art hour of code activity

Use Peblio - (Java) to build an interactive picture modeled from your choice of modern artist

Community mapping

link to mapping your community hour of code

Learn how to store data and recall it on maps with this slightly more advanced hour of code.

Build your own Flappy game

link to building a flappy game

This is a quick project to build your own game, where Flappy moves around to avoid blocks.

Creating and manipulating videos

link to creating video based PSA

Build a public service announcement from a video you have edited.  Start with the problem of ocean plastics, and move on to your own.

Remixing music using Earsketch

link to earsketch hour of code- javascript

Use earsketch to code a remix of Ciara's music.  If you want you can submit this to a competition.

Hour of code site

Link to all the Hour of Code projects

This will take you to a VERY long list of other projects you might like to try. HAVE FUN!