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Library and Resource Center

Committed to Mercy's mission of nurturing life-long learners and global citizens, who are curious about and engaged with the world, and who act from a base of faith and compassion, Mercy High School Resource Center/Library actively supports each Mercy student in becoming a self-directed reader and competent user of information. Our Resource Center staff collaborates with Mercy's faculty, provides class and one-on-one instruction in research, and offers friendly help in exploring the library's books, magazines, and electronic resources, and in thoughtful use of the Internet.

Fun reading and tinkering related videos.

#EpicBookRecs previews  a collection of amazing books by black authors.  If you spot one you like the look of check in Sora, there is a pretty great chance it is there - if not let Mrs Murphy know...

Mac Barnett talks about telling lies to kids.  So fun ... 

Creator of "Shitty robots" amazing TED talk.  Love this woman!