Guidance Department

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Mercy counseling has two academic counselors in Caroline O'Sullivan and Elisabeth Franco. Caroline is the counselor for freshman and juniors while Elisabeth works with the sophomores and seniors. As your student progresses throughout her time at Mercy, her academic counselor will stay with her during her four years. The academic counselor works with students to create a four year academic plan that is appropriately rigorous while ensuring that students access the needed supports on and off campus.

Francesca Ohanessian is Mercy's college counselor. She works with students starting from freshmen year to begin college planning through an introduction to Naviance, our online college portal, and talking about ways to build a resume. Individual college meetings happen most frequently during junior and senior year.

Our wellness counselor is Joy Phillips. Joy creates programming targeted at helping students develop skills necessary for leading a balanced life. She is also available for brief individual appointments when students seek a trusted adult to talk to about the challenges of teenage life. Mercy counseling looks forward to partnering with you to ensure your daughter's success!

Academic Counseling

Academic Counselors partner with students in reaching academic success by helping them set goals, create action plans, and select courses that appropriately challenge each student. The academic counselor provides this support both one-one-one and through group presentations. A Mercy girl's counselor will stay with her throughout her four years allowing for a continued deepening of that relationship and improved focus on each student's unique needs.

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Wellness Counseling

Our wellness counselor is dedicated to supporting the needs of the whole student. Services provided include individual and group counseling services to students, crisis intervention, conflict mediation, and clinical consultation for families regarding outside treatment options. Our wellness counselor works closely with students, parents, teachers, and school administration to develop and implement school-wide health awareness events and educational opportunities. She works to promote a positive overall school climate.

College Counseling

The Mercy College Counseling Program is more than a guidance service for choosing a college; it is a program designed to assist students in identifying colleges that are considered a “good fit”. Our belief is that college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won. We strive to help each student develop her understanding of who she is, her values, and her hopes for her life after Mercy. Through a variety of classroom presentations, group meetings with college representatives, and extensive individual guidance, students are assisted in selecting appropriate colleges and are provided extensive assistance in the application process