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Visual & Performing Arts

Dedicated to developing the creative side of students, Mercy’s Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) department offers diverse opportunities for experiential learning. Students are fully immersed in their art at the college and even professional level. 

Modeled after college programs, Mercy’s VPA classes go beyond developing skills in creative expression and mastering the techniques of the chosen medium. Students learn how to present and market themselves and their art, from building portfolios to museum curation and client relations. 

Students are challenged to explore genres and topics, and encouraged to weave personal interests into project themes. In studio art, students build portfolios in the form of personal websites to showcase their work. Performance art classes showcase their talents in two culminating concerts per year. Many of our students continue to pursue their artistic passions at the college level and beyond. 

View our class offerings below.

Classes Offered

Art I and Art II

Art I and Art II teach basic hand-eye coordination in order to draw and understand principles of composition.

Art III Honors

Art III Honors focuses on advanced studio work in drawing, painting, and illustration, graphic design, printmaking, art history, and art careers.

Ceramics I and Ceramics II

Ceramics I and Ceramics II develop skills in designing and creating 3D forms with various hand-building methods with emphasis on wheel-thrown works.

Ceramics III Honors

Ceramics III Honors focuses on methods of glazing and personal exploration of forms. Sculpture is introduced with new projects each quarter.

3D Art

3D Art develop skills in designing and creating 3D forms using different materials and mediums with a focus on developing skills using the National Art Standards

AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art (2D, 3D, Drawing) concentrates on developing and creating themes and a body of work to be submitted for AP Studio Art exam in May.


Photography teaches students to take, manipulate, print, and alter photographs through deeper understanding of visual perception.


Chorale explores music and musical experiences primarily through the voice, focusing on the introduction of vocal technique and ensemble singing.

Advanced Chorale and Honors Chorale

Advanced Chorale and Honors Chorale are performance-based classes focusing on more challenging repertoire for choirs and advanced understanding of musical elements which allow for vocal independence and other musical projects.

Dance I and Dance II

Dance I and Dance II – introduces dance as an art form. Students explore beginning through intermediate dance techniques with an emphasis in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and modern.

Dance III, Dance IV, and Dance V Honors

Dance III and Dance IV and V Honors – provides a continuation of the study of ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop while emphasizing the history of dance and choreographic principles of composition and improvisation.


Drama is offered as a Tri-School Class by Junipero Serra High School. Learn more here!

Upcoming Events

What's Left Unsaid - Mercy Spring Dance Concert 2019

Wed., May 1 • 7pm • Serra HS


What's There to Sing About? - Mercy's Spring Chorale Concert 2019

Tues., May 7 • 7:30pm • Mercy Chapel


Mercy ArtsFest Showcase Spring 2019

Wed., May 15 • 5pm • Mercy HS