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The science department is dedicated to developing students' science skills through laboratory investigations, discussion, and collaboration. Our Faculty are always discovering exciting laboratories to engage Mercy students in scientific learning. Labs complement standard curriculum and give students the opportunity to learn by doing. Hands-on work in labs helps students develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as gain exposure to scientific equipment and materials. In any given week, girls might be participating in DNA extractions in Biology, a 'flame test' or dissections in Chemistry, fingerprinting in Forensics, circuitry in Physics, and more! As they build comfort and confidence in the classroom, our students are encouraged to envision themselves in scientific fields and to pursue them.

Classes Offered

Biology I and Biology I Honors

Biology I and Biology I Honors includes the chemical nature of life, the structures and functions of animal and plant cells, a review of life processes, molecular genetics, reproduction, classification, and scientific theory.

AP Biology

AP Biology is an Advanced Placement course designed to provide students with the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical skills required for advanced scientific thought.

Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology teaches students about the theory, concepts and applications of a crime laboratory. Students explore physical evidence and apply principles of toxicology, fingerprinting, physics, geology, and document analysis.

Chemistry and Honors Chemistry

Chemistry and Honors Chemistry explore the nature of matter and apply laboratory investigations related to chemical reactions and scientific thought.

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry is an Advanced Placement course with emphasis on chemical calculations; topics include modern atomic theory, nuclear chemistry, kinetics, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, equilibrium, solution chemistry including acids and bases.

Physics and Physics Honors

Physics and Physics Honors introduce the principles of motion, energy, electricity and magnetism, properties of light and sound waves, optics, and thermodynamics.

AP Physics I

AP Physics I is an Advanced Placement course that explores accelerated topics in Newtonian mechanics; work, energy, and power; mechanical waves and sound; and circuits. Critical thinking skills are developed through inquiry-based labs.

Anatomy & Physiology and Anatomy & Physiology Honors

Anatomy & Physiology and Anatomy & Physiology Honors study structure and function of the mammalian systems with primary emphasis on human anatomy and physiology.

Mrs. Lambdin's Physics
Science opens the door to the rest of the world. Hayley Zimmerman ‘13