Rigorous Academics


Mercy’s English department showcases and empowers diverse perspectives. A foundational shared goal of each class is to teach every student to develop and use her voice, and articulate her ideas clearly and persuasively. Classes seek to inspire a love of literature and storytelling, as well as an appreciation for complexity and detail. 

Instruction and lessons are skills-based; where information is not directly provided and students are encouraged to discover the answers to their own questions. Inter-departmental alignment ensures that each English class builds off the foundation of the previous year’s curriculum and skills. 

Department Goals:

  • Acknowledge powerful women with powerful voices
  • Develop curiosity and hunger for learning
  • Eliminate complacency
  • Develop the art of storytelling

Project Examples:

  • Multimedia presentation on what it means to be American - incorporating the students’ own stories into the American Creed
  • Using Thinglink app for artistic representation of a book theme - students link theme to current media and explain its relevance

Classes Offered

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