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The Academic Mentoring and Educational Support (AMES) Program at Mercy is a four-year program that supports students with identified and documented learning differences. AMES students enroll in the college preparatory program, and meet all Mercy graduation requirements to attend four-year universities. 

The students in this program learn skills and strategies necessary for success in high school and beyond: organization of information and materials, self-advocacy, time management, note-taking, test-taking, reading, and memory. 

Each student has an Educational Plan that is individualized and outlines her unique strengths, challenges, and accommodations.

Application Deadline: Friday, December 2, 2022

Academic Mentoring & Educational Support (AMES) Presentation


Click HERE or on the AMES graphic above to view the Open House AMES presentation.

AMES is my life-saver. I know that whenever I need help, advice,
or just someone to cheer me on, the AMES staff is here!Hannah, Class of 2015, Honor Student

Support by Grade Level

Freshmen in the AMES program are enrolled in a CORE class, which teaches these skills: study, note-taking, reading, test-taking, and memory, organization of information and materials, self-advocacy, time management. 

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are in mixed-grade level, directed-study classes where they have opportunities for small-group and individual support on assignments.

The AMES team consists of several valuable members including Eileen Horan and Randall Watts. Eileen Horan taught English at Mercy for 32 years and has been supporting AMES for the past several years. Randall Watts, the Resource Center Coordinator, works closely with AMES to support students not only with testing but also in preparation for tests.

With a deep passion for education and compassion for students who learn differently, the AMES Team works side by side with psychologists, parents and students to develop an Educational Plan that will best support your daughter’s learning style, facilitate their access to curriculum, and promote success.

For more information contact:

Andrea Cabano, AMES Director