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For Our Neighbors

Since our first class in August of 1931, Mercy High School has always strived to be a respectful, engaged and welcoming member of our neighborhood and the broader community.  We are committed to open and constructive communication with our neighbors and community throughout this exciting journey.

Mercy High School welcomes interested neighbors to join our upcoming Community Meetings surrounding this project.  They will be posted on this webpage as well as on the main page for Building the Dream. Additionally, all neighbors will be notified via NextDoor and mail when meetings are scheduled. 

Bookmark this page, where information will be posted as it becomes available.

For project updates, questions, or feedback please fill out this form. We welcome your feedback.

For project updates, questions, or feedback pleasae fill out this form. We welcome your feedback.


Upcoming Community Meetings

Mercy High School Traffic Follow Up Meeting

Please join us on Mercy High School's pool bleachers on August 4th at 4PM. The City of Burlingame Public Works Department will lead us in a follow-up conversation with proposals to calm traffic. Please use the mid-gate Adeline entrance for easiest access to the pool. When you walk up this gate/ driveway the pool entrance will be to the left. Parking is available. We ask that all neighbors use the mid-Adeline gate as a wedding rehearsal will be in session on the patio.

Community Letters

Joint Letter to the Neighbors from the Sisters of Mercy and Mercy High School, May 2022