Service Learning

Service is an integral component to Catherine McAuley’s mission to reach out to persons who are poor, sick and who live on the margins of society. For this reason, service learning stands as a living legacy of our foundress to be handed down to all who belong to the Mercy community.

In order to fill out the new form, all students will first need to register with x2VOL and will need to have their student ID# in order to complete the form.

To submit your hours, please complete the Service Form.


Each student is required to complete 20 hours of service each year for a total of 80 hours for graduation. This is a graduation requirement. Of the 20 hours, 10 hours must be CORE hours and the remaining 10 can be Supplemental. CORE hours are “face to face time” with people who are poor, sick and anyone who lives in the margins of society, this includes environmental projects. Supplemental hours are non direct service opportunities such as assisting at a food bank.

Please click on this Service Form link to complete your hours. In order to fill out the new form, all students will first need to register with x2VOL and will need to have their student ID# in order to complete the form.

Placement Opportunities

Here is a list of sites based on recommendations by students, parents and the Campus Ministry staff. Students are encouraged to commit to a site for a year to establish a relationship with those whom they serve. In addition,Mercy offers sponsored service opportunities throughout the school year.

Saturdays of Service Dates can be found by clicking on the Saturday's of Service on the drop down panel below.

Immersion Trips

Immersion trips are offered yearly. Immersion trips are planned to correlate directly with the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. These trips help the students build relationships with those on the margins of society through service, reflection and prayer.

This past year a Tri-School Immersion trip was held in San Franicsco, where the students served those in need. Please click the Immersion photo below to view this amazing experience.

2015-16 Immersion Trips

East San Jose

March 28 - 31

East San Jose Immersion Trip: Students who choose this immersion trip will be working with and learning from Our Lady of Guadalupe parishioners. They will be reaching out to low income families, at risk youth and learning about the plight of the undocumented immigrants.

Cost: $455

Urban Plunge:

Fall: November 13 & 14 Sophomores

Spring: February 12 & 13 Freshmen

Urban Plunge is an opportunity where students are taken out of class to do service all day Friday and Saturday. This involves tutoring at St. Peter’s School in the Mission to making and delivering sandwiches with Cityteam International. Students end the experience at Alemany Farmers Market learning about immigrant farmers and their produce.

Cost: $50

Saturday's of Service

The following days during the school year,
Mercy will participate in Saturday's of Service. Please find the list of Service Learning Event and Important Dates



○Saturday of Service: Walk for Catholic Worker

○Saturday; 8:30am-1pm


○Service Learning, Blood Drive and Clubs Fair

○Wednesday; 1:10pm-2pm



○Saturday of Service: Catherine Center

○Saturday; 4:30pm-7:45pm


○Poverty Simulation (Tri-School)

○Wednesday; 4:30pm-7:30pm


●11/11 & 11/12

○Urban Plunge (Sophomores)

○Saturday, 8am - Friday, 4pm


●12/10 (Date may change)

○Saturday of Service: Mercy Retirement & Care Center

○Saturday, 12:30pm- 4pm


○All Students should have 10 hours of service completed




○Monday of Service: Golden Gate Parks Conservancy

○Monday, 9am-12pm


●2/10 & 2/11

○Urban Plunge (Freshmen)

○Saturday, 8am Friday - 4pm


○Immersion Retreat (Tri-School)




○Saturday of Service: Catherine Center

○Saturday; 4:30pm-7:45pm


●4/18 - 4/21

○Faith Immersion Trip (Tri-School)

○Tuesday - Friday


○Senior Service Hours due!




○Saturday of Service: Ananda Valley Farm, Half Moon Bay

○Saturday; 8:30am-1pm


○Service hours due!

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